In Loving Memory Rev. Glen D. Keylon

A Beautiful tribute to a loving husband, father, grandfather and minister. Pastor Keylon’s urn was a beautiful handmade box perfect in the shape of a pulpit, made by one of his sons. Thank you to the Keylon family for sharing their family with us for so many years, Pastor Keylon’s memory will be with us always.

The urn I built for Dad’s ashes. It started out as a wooden box… It was therapeutic… and then it wasn’t… and then “divine intervention” made it a pulpit/lectern… and it was therapeutic all over again. It wasn’t perfect, but neither was Dad. I received quite a few compliments on it. BUT I received quite a bit more compliments on Dad and how he had touched lives. #couldntbemoreproud I love and miss you Dad. Koey Keylon

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