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Christ Lutheran Church, Cairo Nebraska is the home of “Moses” Comfort Dog

Church phone 308-485-4863 and or email

Please contact the church and we will direct you to one of Moses Handlers

Moses and Nathan & Jaci Knuth went to Newtown CT to be at the opening of the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

On Sunday, April 22, Tim Kurth from LCC and K-9 Comfort Dog Luther visitedChrist Lutheran Church in Cairo, Nebraska. Pastor Glen Keylon invited Tim and Luther to attend Sunday worship and talk to the Adult Bible Study about the overall ministry of LCC with particular focus on the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry. Luther greeted all the children and adults while Tim shared details on the work of LCC. Christ Lutheran is considering getting their own LCC K-9 Comfort Dog and becoming an Affiliate Member Ministry. Cairo is a small farming community located north of Grand Island in central Nebraska. Their K-9 Comfort Dog would work with veterans, visit Heartland Lutheran High School, participate in community outreach and more

Mission Statement of the Christ Lutheran Comfort Dog Ministry Program

With the help of four paws Christ Lutheran Comfort Dog Ministry exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus; carrying out Christ Lutheran’s Mission of “emphasize in Grace alone, Faith alone and Scripture alone” in our community and beyond.

Ministry Plan of the Christ Lutheran Comfort Dog Ministry Program

The K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry will support spiritual growth and discipleship at Christ Lutheran Church.

The K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry will provide an opportunity to build relationships and show compassion, joy and mercy through community outreach.

Examples of opportunities to serve at and beyond Christ Lutheran Church include:

  • ABC Daycare and Preschool
  • Christ Lutheran Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and LYF programs
  • Heartland Lutheran High School
  • New Hope School
  • Peace Lutheran Preschool
  • Centura Public School
  • Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
  • Veterans Home and Hospital
  • St. Francis Hospital
  • Homebound individuals
  • Community events such as: fireman smorgasbord, Ducks Unlimited Banquet, Local Festivals
  • Funeral Visitations
  • Hospice
  • Provide crisis response (tornado, fire, accidents, unexpected deaths)

Christ Lutheran Mission Statement

Christ Lutheran is a family of believers who emphasize Grace alone, Faith alone and Scripture alone.

We will provide an environment –

  • Where our church family can worship and grow in God’s Grace in Word and Sacrament.
  • Of fellowship and welcoming to those in need of God’s love and mercy.
  • Of Christ centered teaching that is sound in Scriptural doctrine, that is loving, faithful and encouraging.
  • Where our church family can develop in the gifts, talents and skills God has given for Mission Outreach.

Christ Lutheran Comfort Dog Caregivers

A caregiver provides the home where the dog stays and cares for it when it is not ‘working’.

The primary caregiver and a secondary caregiver will be identified.

  • Caregivers will attend LCC provided training upon arrival of the dog and will receive periodic updates from the LCC.
  • Caregivers will ensure the dog receives appropriate vet care, including an annual vet checkup, shots, worming and needed medication.
  • Caregivers will ensure that the dog is provided the recommended food (Froom), grooming, exercise and general care.
  • Caregivers will promote the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry and pray for lives to be touched in and through this ministry.

Christ Lutheran Comfort Dog Handlers

A handler is someone who is comfortable and competent with handling a K-9 and also competent to be able to listen, engage in conversation, pray, and proclaim Jesus Christ with those they are in contact when using the K-9 as the bridge between the handler and the person petting the K-9.

No more than 6 handlers will be identified and receive training from the LCC upon arrival of the dog.

  • Handlers will attend the initial training, a six month review and yearly training provided by LCC to learn “dog skills” and people and outreach skills.
  • Handlers trained by LCC are the only ones that are allowed to handle the K-9 Comfort dog.
  • Handlers will take the K-9 to outreach events (within the church and/or community) twice a month.
  • Handlers will allow themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to listen, share and pray for individual that are encountered while working with the K-9.
  • Handlers will follow the expected skills and commands of the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry and will reinforce and practice with when handling the K-9 Comfort Dog.
  • A rotation for being the handler during church service will be set up.

Helper Role

The helper role with the K-9 Comfort Dog program will assist the handler as needed when they go to various events, for example:

  • driving to different events
  • assist the handler with crowd control at larger events
  • promote the ministry program and answering questions
  • handing out the K-9’s business cards and communication information
  • assist with the needed upfront training and paperwork before entering a medical facility
  • pick up dog supplies and food
  • take photographs for communications

Veterinarian and Groomer

Dr Mark Hughes and Stolley Park Vet Hospital staff will provide all vet needs and grooming

3020 W Stolley Park Road

Grand Island, NE  68801



A rider will be added to the church insurance policy at no additional charge covering the Comfort dog for liability and naming LCC as an additional insured.

Ownership of the K-9 Comfort Dog

Ownership of the K-9 Comfort Dog is transferred to the congregation at the Passing of the Leash ceremony.  LCC then moves into an advisory and support role and continues in that role until the Comfort Dog is retired from service.   All costs related to keeping and maintaining the dog is the sole responsibility of the Christ Lutheran Church Outreach and Evangelism Ministry.

Christ Lutheran Church must follow the policies and procedures set out by LCC the consequences may include loss of Affiliate Member Ministry status (no longer to use vest, logos or other branding specific to the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry.

K-9 Records and Retiring the K-9 Comfort Dog

LCC will pass all related medical records and any other necessary documentation over to the congregation.  A copy of these records will be maintained in LCC files.

Somewhere between the ages of 8-10 a decision must be made to retire the comfort dog with the advice and consent of the veterinarian who provides care for the dog.  A second opinion through the Veterinarian Advisory Board with the LCC would also be available if needed.

Licensing and Branding

  • LCC provides the standard vest the Comfort Dog is required to wear when working.
  • An initial set of business cards is also provided by the LCC.
  • The LCC establishes a Facebook page that the congregation (communication group) agrees to maintain.

Special Events

On occasion there are opportunities to advance the K-9 Comfort Dog ministry beyond the congregation; this could be in the form of a disaster, attending a regional ministry conference or convention.  LCC asks that these opportunities are considered and participate whenever possible.

LCC Support

LCC support (may be additional cost) continues through the retirement of the dog which includes:

  • Annual conferences for handlers and caregivers
  • Additional skill training
  • Online coaching and handler support
  • Follow up training to expand the number of handlers within the congregation
  • The annual conference is required to maintain permission to use the K-9 Comfort Dog name, logos, vests and other identifiers unique to the ministry.

Affiliate Member Ministry Benefits and Fees

Christ Lutheran Church will have access to online support, can schedule regular training updates for new handlers and caregivers, participates in the annual conference and is kept abreast of K-9 Comfort Dogs best practice.  Fees associated with membership are as follows:

  • Annual membership fee $300 (membership fee is included in the purchase of the dog for the first year)
  • Annual Conference $395 (Annual conference attendance is mandatory for every Affiliate Member Ministry.  Listed price covers up to 4 people (2 caregivers and 2 handlers) with extras at $50 per person.  Includes some meals but not lodging.)
  • Handler Training $500 (fee does not include expenses for trainer (transportation, meals lodging)

July Comfort Dog Meeting Minutes – meeting held after church on 7/15

  • Treasurer Report – Complete  funds for the dog and the conference are secured. Shawn continues reaching  out to members of the community for contributions.
  • We are next in line for the  next available dog that is ready from Lutheran Church Charity. We should know  more in the next few weeks on placement/training dates and the passing of  the leash ceremony.
  • Lutheran Church Charity Comfort  Dog Conference Aug 2-4th in Barrington, IL. The following individuals are attending: Pastor, Blenda, Don, Nathan, Jaci, and Nancy.      Group will leave on 8/1 and return on 8/6.
  • Pastor and Kari are working on a proposal to inform the medical facilities about our mission. In addition to the details about the training needed to go into medical facilities  (vets home, nursing homes, hospital). Most have a brief HIPPA training      that the handlers will need to take to be allowed to bring the dog to the  facilities.
  • There is one spot open for the  handler roll, if interested contact Shawn.

Next meeting, August 8th at 7:30pm.

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