Sunday July 18, 2021 the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

Please click the link below to view the worship message from the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday July 18.

Weekly Calendar
Sunday, July 18 – 8th Sun after Pentecost
Jer. 23:1–6, Psalm 23
Eph. 2:11–22, Mark 6:30–44
Adult Bible Study 9:00 am
LYF – Coffee Fellowship 10:00 am
Worship w/Communion 10:30 am
Monday July 19
Tuesday July 20
Wednesday July 21
Men’s Bible Study 8:00 am
Thursday July 22 Church Campout Davis Creek
Friday July 23Church Campout Davis Creek
Saturday July 24Church Campout Davis Creek
Sunday, July 25 – 9th Sun after Pentecost
Gen. 9:8–17, Psalm 136:1–9
Eph. 3:14–21, Mark 6:45–56
Church Campout Davis Creek
Adult Bible Study 9:00 am
Food Pantry – Coffee Fellowship 10:00 am
Worship 10:30 am

Ladies Aid Harvest Dinner Fundraiser Nov. 7
Middle School Youth Gathering Nov. 13-14
2022 Spring Pastor Conf. Kearney March 14-15
2022 NE Dist. Convention Kearney June 24-25
2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Houston TX July 9-13

  Prayers for Dan Dibbern recovering in the hospital.
  Please keep Dave Rasmussen in your prayers. Dave is recovering from valve replacement surgery.  
  Prayers for Jan Hadenfeldt and her family. Jan’s brother Don Frank died July 7 in North Carolina. Jan’s nephew Jason Valentine died in a drowning accident in Oregon. Jason was caught in some underotw in a river with his two daughters, he was able to get them to safety but not himself, Jason was 38 years old.
Suffering from Cancer
  Cheryl Klock, Julie Whitefoot’s Sister
  Deb Homolka, Rick Gilbert’s Sister
  Dawnasie Martin, Marcus Nation Sister
  Shirley Adams
  Spencer Braun, Pastor Brian’s cousin

 7/11/2015 Dwight & Lisa Jones (6)
7/15/2006 Jeff & Jennell Campbell (15)
7/15/2017 Joshua & Andrea Floth (4)
7/17/1993 Pastor Brian & Lisa Wright (28)
7/19/1975 Jerry & Barb Teichmeier (46)

7/11 – Dana Lemburg
7/12 – Shari Rathman
7/13 – Carl Sokol
7/14 – Atley Strode
7/15 – Amira Gaet
7/15 – Sophie Schroeder
7/17 – Mickhalla Critel
7/17 – Doug Meyer
7/18 – Dan Reimers
7/20 – Sara Mayes
7/21 – Greyson Rasmussen
7/24 – Kylie Neppl

Stained-Glass Window Fundraisers
We are starting with an opportunity to purchase a pane of the stained-glass design through an envelope donation system. Envelopes with donation suggestions have been placed on the standing bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall. Please take an envelope of the donation desired and place in the offering plate. Some envelopes at the end have no designated amount allowing you to donate a desired amount.
Thanks for your donations to this worthy cause!!

Christ Lutheran Church
Cairo, NE
This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

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